Over 30,000 women have participated in this experience worldwide. . .

Would You Step Up To Become A Fully Certified Feminine Intention Circle Leader And Feminine Life Coach Who Has The Skills And Confidence To Change The Lives Of Others? If So Read On And Take Action Today Before The Wait list is Full And This Special Invitation Closes.


Learn to Lead Feminine Intention Circles

From the desk of Dawn Todd

teacher | author | entrepreneur | consciousness junkie

Spring 2021

Hello My Friend, 

If you’re a coach, teacher or healer and dreamt of an exciting new way where you get paid to help people and at the same time create clients, then this invitation today might just change the trajectory of your own life and the lives of those you could help.

But First, A Warning. . . 

Before we go any further let me make something abundantly clear. . .

The education and peer facilitation industry is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet and the demand for skilled facilitators is going through the roof. 

Facilitating feminine intention circles is an incredible service to the world. By unlocking the wisdom around you and tapping into the divine flow, you can offer a healing and empowering space for yourself and others.  It’s one of the most rewarding, exciting and fun things you can do. 

Whether you become a full time circle leader who makes a living by alleviating suffering and helping peoples' dreams come true. . . 

Use it as a skill set part-time that pays for holidays or gifts for the kids. . . 

Or offer it as a community service that allows you to meet ideal clients. . . 

. . .It’s an amazing way to make life more meaningful and develop a sense of pride about the impact you have on others. 

Especially if you are already passionate about your own personal development, want to leave a legacy and enjoy learning. 

But there are two problems that I see. . . . one is good hearted people who can’t make a living and secondly, ordinary people who are suffering silently and need the army of transformational engineers to step forward.

There are many, many “overnight” experts in the coaching and marketing world claiming to be able to help others become world class coaches. 

They’re only in the industry because they are trying to seize the growth in the coaching and facilitation space and profit from it. 

And therefore they’re charging thousands, if not tens of thousands, for wishy-washy, shoddily put together programs  that won’t help you transform and surely will not transform a client . . .and possibly even make the clients life worse. 

I am here to say enough is enough.  

I’ve been involved in the coaching industry since 2006,  long before the coaching industry was booming like it is now.  

Changing lives, and helping others develop the skills and confidence to be able to change lives too, is my passion and I hate to see opportunists jumping into the coaching industry and taking advantage of something I love.  For me, coaching is a holy and sacred calling and I want to foster that within those who have a calling to change the lives of others.   

I'm On  Mission To Help Coaches and Healers Create Clients, Disrupt The Coaching Industry & Empower Transformation in Every Neighborhood Across America. . .

I’ve been around the block long enough to know how this goes. . .

People who have lost their jobs or had a corporate position begin to put themselves out there as coaches and consultants.  Usually offering “business training”  because they perceive it as the easiest path for them to cash in.   

The problem is that unless you have made a full time living as a coach - without coaching other coaches - you don’t really understand the business of transformation.   

Exclusively coaching other coaches as your main business model is nothing more than a shell game.  For a coach to really understand and powerfully mentor someone,  they need to have lived their own transformation and come out the other side.    

The “business of transformation” isn’t like any other business.  It’s a constantly moving target.  You’re never going to have one website and one program that you keep for ten years.  Coaching as a business isn't  like Starbucks who has had the same logo for 23 years.   

If you’re not transforming  and navigating your own deep personal work with courage and authenticity,  you will never succeed as a coach or facilitator.  

And I see so many coaches who struggle with their business and as a result, struggle with making an impact because they have listened to the loudest voice in the market tell them how to build their business.  And frankly,  often paid way, way, way too much to get advice from someone who has actually never made a living as a coach, except in telling other coaches how to do it. 

The second problem. . .  

The number of people experiencing anxiety, depression and loneliness is skyrocketing. Covid and the resulting economic recession have negatively affected many people’s mental health and sense of community.   

Many adults are reporting difficulty sleeping (36%) or eating (32%), increases in alcohol consumption or substance use (12%), and worsening chronic conditions (12%), due to worry and stress, isolation and job loss.

Peer support makes all the difference here. There is a HUGE correlation between social support and stress management resulting in improved mental health.  As I said before, the education and peer facilitation industry is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet and the demand for skilled facilitators is going through the roof.  

The solution to coaches and healers connecting with clients and actually making a living as a coach or healer AND addressing the epidemic of anxiety and fear is to become a Feminine Intention Circle Facilitator.    You can literally change the world for yourself and others AND  make a living doing it. . .

Is Facilitating Feminine Intention Circles Right For You? There's A Simple Way To Figure That Out. . .

You’ve landed on this page because you’ve seen one of my ads or heard me speak about this.   

You understand the mission is to empower women to own their power and create exactly what they desire, to protect the coaching industry from predators, give coaches and healers the tools to build thriving businesses and at the same time address the fear and isolation that has pervaded our world.  

But how do you know if facilitating is right for you? 

Well in my experience you’re an ideal fit if you fit any of these criteria below.  And if you check off three or more - you may have just found a new calling in life.  Check out the list below and see if any of these resonate with you… 

You want to live life to the fullest

You love to support women and see them be successful

You want to master your own manifesting skills

You want to feel valued

You want to leave a legacy

You want meaning and purpose in your life

You want to grow and develop

You want to learn

You want to have freedom to live life on your terms

You want to make the world a better place by alleviating suffering

You want to be proud of yourself

You are ready to love yourself fully

You fear missing out and life passing you by

You fear staying stuck in an unfulfilling job

You fear living below your potential

You fear not feeling good enough in life

You fear being ordinary and average

You fear not being excited and hopeful about the future

You don't want to live with regret

You’d love to be paid for work that matters

You’d love to be able to control your own emotions and help others do the same

You’d love to be able to look back on your life and think “WOW!”

You’d love to get paid to help the dreams of others come true 

Now, you may read through that list and think “Everyone will check off every single thing on that list!” - but you’d be wrong. Many people want an easy life in the same career and are happy doing the same thing day-in and day-out.  ( I know a ton of people like this!)   

They never think about not living up to their potential or whether or not they are making an impact in the world. I’m guessing if you’re here, though, that’s not you.

So how does this work?

TEMPLE of FEMININE INTENTION is a monthly membership program (with an initial 12-month commitment) that teaches you to lead sacred women's circles, embody the most powerful version of yourself and grow your coaching or healing business.

1 Day Immersive Retreat + 6 weeks Feminine Leadership Training + 12 Months Facilitator-Exclusive Intention Circles Add Up To 6 Ways to Embody Feminine Leadership.

Create powerful and connected community

Understand the deep connection between pleasure and profit

Attract clients and abundance with ease and integrity

Manifest with astonishing speed

Experience more joy and freedom in your life 

Answer the call to live with intention and teach that to others 


$1997 or 12 Monthly Payments of $188

(beginning with a 12-month commitment)

  • Immersive 1 Day Sacred Ritual, Activation and Facilitator Training January 30, 2021
  • 6 Live Weekly Mentorship Transmission Coaching Calls
  • 12 Monthly Facilitator-Exclusive Intention Circles
  • Daily Morning Manifesting Journal Prompts
  • Business Support to Allow Circles to Bring Clients and Abundance
  • Facilitators Manual for Divine Feminine Intentional Work That Includes Ceremony, Manifestation, Ritual, Grounding Practices, Daily Manifesting Practices, Leading a Circle, Being the Feminine Leader, Sex & Money Manifesting and More
  • Monthly Intention Circle Themes to Guide and Inspire Your Own Circle
  • YOUR Circle Participants Receive Journal Prompts from FeminineIntentionCircles.com
  • Listing of Your Circle on FeminineIntentionCircles.com as a Certified and Trained Feminine Intention Circle Coach & Facilitator
  • Unlimited Access to Training and Community for Life
  • Discounts on Other Training and Retreats

Why Learn From Me? Undeniable Proof…

Remember how I said that the demand for peer facilitators and coaches has led to many opportunists jumping into the industry? 

Well, how do you know I’m not one? Because you shouldn’t be investing time or money with people who don’t actually know what they are doing! 

To put your mind at rest here is a small handful of things that you should know about me: 

Apart from being a wife, mother and grandmother,  I created a women’s networking organization that now has thousands of members.  I was also the very first woman to chair the Angel Capital Summit,  an event for entrepreneurs to pitch to investors. And over the years I’ve worked with thousands of women in business, on every continent, to empower  them to make more money and grow a successful business.   I understand business but I also deeply understand energy and intuition.  

I began doing bodywork two decades ago and had the privilege of having over 12,000 people on my table. Since I specialized in medical and restorative massage, I worked with a lot of people recovering from car accidents with head injuries and PTSD. My training in sensory-motor psychotherapy and structural bodywork was a good foundation and I'm also a certified hypnotherapist, an akashic reader, and a two time Reiki Master.

And in the 14 years I’ve been a full time coach, I've been trained as an Business and Executive Coach, a Love, Sex & Relationship Jade Egg Teacher and an Immersive Meditation Teacher.   Hint:  for women there is a HUGE connection between pleasure, sex & money!  

And according to my clients, my fees are an extremely good value when you look at the results they achieve. 

I’ll put your mind even more at ease in a moment, and remove any risks with you signing up for this experience and offer you a 14 day money back guarantee.  

Here’s a question for you… 

Do you think the world would be a better place if there was an army of “superheroes with superpowers” who were out there helping friends, family and clients overcome their battles and blocks? 

Of course there would. And I so  hope you’ll be one of them. 

So if you’re excited by the thought of transforming yourself and others, and are ready to begin an exciting new adventure, there’s only one last thing for me to mention. . .

Leading a Feminine Intention Circle is an incredible calling. As an Intention Circle Facilitator, it is hugely important to understand how to maintain a safe and sacred space, how to approach conflict, how to support a woman in healing, how to protect your own energy and how to effectively hold a sacred circle. ​

Thousands of years ago, young women were surrounded by sacred women's circles and the sacred gifts they held. Over the years, however this wisdom and practice has been lost and so have the key elements, rituals and tools. 

Are you ready to transform your life and hold that same space for the women in your community? This certification program offers all of that to you and more.

Ready To Join Us?

$1997 or 12 Monthly Payments of $188

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Interested in hosting a training and attending for free? Please contact me as I am planning my 2021 teaching schedule now.

Dawn Todd is the Founder of Wildly Successful Women, a networking organization of over 10,000 members.  She’s also a teacher, author, serial entrepreneur, consciousness junkie and a lifelong seeker of bliss for herself and others. 

With over twenty-five years as an energy medicine teacher and practitioner and fifteen years as an author, speaker and executive business consultant, Dawn brings a deep understanding of sacred feminine energy, prosperity consciousness and intention alongside grounded business practices.

You can find out more at DawnTodd.com or Rise.Intentional.CEO.   Her stellar list of partners include Country Financial, Microsoft, American Express, Napoleon Hill Foundation, Rockies Venture Club, Angel Capital Summit, eWomenNetwork, and Constant Contact.